The Team
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Kevin Snr

Job Title: The Gaffa

Age: 59

Time with Company: 12 years

Expertise: Turf preparation - Laying borders and planting - Soft landscapes - Management - Specialist in fencing and woodcraft

Interests in Landscaping: Colour, texture, visual effects & creativiity - Ability to visualise finished design

Hobbies: Gardening Visiting garden centres and shows

Colleague's Comments: Good time management - Knowledge of both hard and soft landscaping



Kevin Jnr

Job Title: Project Manager

Age: 32

Time with Company: 12 years

Expertise: Paving and walling - Excavation - Elevations & levels - Planting - Design - Consultations

Interests in Landscaping: All hard aspects of landscaping - Permanent features

Hobbies: Fishing, Power boating, Formula 1, IT

Colleague's Comments: Hard working Forthright individual