3D Garden Design
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Here at KDS Landscapes we utilise the very best software to give you a more realistic view of what your garden could- will look like before any work is done.

This helps us to make small tweaks or improvements before we put a spade in. It can aslo help find any potental problems or even produce some better ideas. By doing this first there is no 'i wish we had done that, it would have looked better' or 'this should have been bigger'.


The 3d design software shows this information before we are even able to add any furniture
or bbqs etc.

We use 2 main programs :-

1: Picture This  - we take a photo of your garden / drive with your house and super impose your new drive/patio into the picture.

2:  3d visualiser (shown above) where we can look at the design from all angles - walk through and from above - giving a complete view of the finnished garden / drive.


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Please contact us directly including your preferred date for an appointment. We will contact you back and do our best to try and arrange something either on this date or as close as possible.

You may contact us on:-

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